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December 30, 2010

Enjoying Your Profession And Your Life

Pursuing a profession doesn't imply having to decide on your job over your life. If you know the right way to make a balance between work and your personal life, then you won't really need to choose one over the other. To be your best in both, however, it's wise to create a system which works for you. Your ability to manage time is actually among the top two causes of success or failure in your life. Exactly what can you do to lead your way to success?   
Start a commitment notebook for your tasks. By doing this, it gets easier to track your to-do lists and work deadlines. And also, you can even log in your personal targets you may incorporate into your work schedule, like a fitness regimen you've been dying to try for instance. If you notice your work laid out that way, balancing an enjoyable life and a stellar career will be very simple. It facilitates to define the importance of the different aspects of your life so that you know what you could concentrate on. A real successful individual will continue doing things that matter.


Certainly, you will encounter stress as you go along. Say no to stress-eating. More importantly, understand the importance of laughter. This is a foolproof stress buster. Sharing your humor with others helps in reducing any awkwardness or stress brought on by work. You should know that you have a purpose in life.

Working towards this purpose at a gradual but steady pace will keep you hopeful even during your darkest moments. Handle things calmly but have a sense of responsibility. This should keep your smile on in spite of difficulties. It is inborn in a person to recognize what their purpose is, they only need time and energy to soul search and understand what needs to be done. When you stick to what you have been supposed to do, you will live in harmony with the rest of the world.
The balance you are seeking must be found within. It just needs to be rediscovered and unearthed. Take hold of what you have now and celebrate what is yet to come.

December 7, 2010

How To Overcome Challenges in Christian Courtship.

Relationships and courtships are not easy. They are full of ups and downs, you and your partner can be happy and enjoying each other’s company one minute and the next minute you can be angry and upset with each other.
That’s just the nature of relationships, whenever two different people who have had different upbringings and life experiences along with the natural differences we have as men and women, try to function as one unit, there are bound to be problems and challenges. If you have been in your courtship or relationship for a while now, you will have began to notice that it’s not all a bed of roses.
There are obstacles and challenges that you will face and are probably facing right now in your courtship. The first thing I want to say is that you should celebrate these challenges because they come to test your relationship to see if you really have something genuine and strong.
If your Christian courtship is able to stand and be strong despite all the challenges you face, it is a good sign that you have something solid. If the challenges drive the two of you apart then it means that your relationship probably isn’t strong enough and it’s better for the courtship to break up than for your marriage to break up.

You have to come to a place in your relationship where you can be yourself, where your partner gets to see not only your strengths but also your weaknesses, this is important because whoever you are going to marry needs to be able to accept you with your flaws. Don’t ever get married to someone when you haven’t shown them who you really are and when you haven’t seen the real them and what they are like when they get angry and upset. If you have never had disagreements, misunderstandings and challenges in your courtship, that could be a very bad sign, it might mean that you are both sweeping the things that offend and annoy you under the carpet in the attempt to avoid confrontations.

There is no courtship or relationship that doesn’t experience one challenge or the other, even the happiest of couples have areas of differences, what keeps them happy is the fact that they are able to still love each other unconditionally despite of their differences. So don’t run just because you have areas of differences and misunderstandings, learn to communicate, forgive
and strive to overcome the challenges and obstacles you face in your courtship and if you are able to overcome these challenges then it means you have a solid relationship. Above all, pray together.


December 6, 2010

How to overcome Setbacks

Life has a way of throwing roadblocks in our paths. You don't get that promotion at work you were sure was yours. A family member gets a shocking medical diagnosis. Your partner is having an affair. All life altering for sure, but as with most unwelcome surprises, the key to moving forward and not staying stuck in the setback is how you react. How do you navigate around them and stay on track?
"Day to day issues can seem minor, but they do add up, whether at work, school or home". "For a mom, trying to be a good mom while attempting to get things done can be stressful. She's got to figure out how to take care of herself and do something positive, even relaxation techniques and deep breathing exercises."

Sometimes just a shift in a negative pattern is all it takes to remove a roadblock. The way we think impacts the way we feel. No matter what happens, there are always different ways of looking at the situation. Setbacks that are serious usually include shock, denial, anger, acceptance of the loss and grieving the loss of a vision. Even though the time factor is integral to healing, most of us can handle setbacks better than we think. "What we don't do well is regroup and create a new vision".

The secret to long-term success with setbacks is seeing and sticking to a vision of what you want -- seeing yourself cross the finish line and win the race. Setbacks don't have to be negative.  When you have a setback, you can either wallow in it forever or get out of that state of mind by taking steps forward, whether big or small. 

The following are some strategies to deal with setbacks:
Identify the setback. Realize that it's your choice to go in whatever direction you choose.
Ask yourself what are the positive actions you can take.
Look at your past successes and write down three of your strengths.
Take action on 10 things -- a class, exercise, go on a trip or out with your friends.
Meet up with someone new, possibly someone you've been meaning to call.
Focus on where you want to go, not the problem, and don't use excuses.

Sometimes we create our own setbacks and get consumed in the problem without seeing the possibilities. "Roadblocks are opportunities to go in better, different directions.  Whatever roadblocks may come your way, "You've (gotten over them) before, you can do it again.