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March 31, 2011


4 Qualities That Men Seek From Women! 
Women love to be adored and they like that men should shower all their attention on them. There is hardly a single woman on the face of the planet who does not like to be loved by a man, but what is it that attracts men to women. God has made women to be loved and has endowed her with many qualities that men seek. 
Here are the 4 qualities that men usually seek from women: 
1. The Movements
Women are naturally gifted with a body that is graceful and they have to learn to use the same to their advantage. Men are attracted by the way a woman walks. The fluidity of their movements coupled with the gentle swinging of their hips attracts the eyes of the men like a magnet attracts iron. Even the most simple of acts like bending up to pick something seems more graceful when performed by a woman. Their body language in everything they do is so fluid, smooth and graceful and this gets enhanced if she has a figure to match.
2. The Hair
While this may seem to be an exaggeration, the long, soft and silky hair of women plays a long part in attracting men. They have hair that is more luxurious that the coarse ones their male counterparts have. There are some women who do not bother about this fact and trim their hair extremely short. While this may increase their personality a bit, it helps to reduce their sensuality. If you are the head of a huge company and have to attend to meetings day in and day out, then this might make sense, but there are many leaders of the world, scientists and other achievers who are women and yet have long hair. Men are attracted by the flowing tresses of women and the latter should spare no pains to keep the same well maintained.
3. The Eyes & Lips
Have you ever noted how the strongest of persons go weak in the knees when a women smiles at him? God has gifted women with many assets to attract men, but these two assets of women are their biggest plus points. Women can convey many things without speaking a word just by their smile and the look of their eyes. When one smiles, the muscles of their eyes are activated too and the eye smiles too. A man might spend a lot of time by moving his hands, feet etc. to convey a single point. Women does the same and maybe more with just a single flutter of their eyelids and if she so happens to smile at the same time, it just melts the toughest of men.
4. The Body
Women are gifted with a great figure and it takes just a small effort from their side to maintain the same. Women, dressed in clothes that enhance her figure are more likely to attract men than those who do not. I feel sorry to say that there are many women who have stunning figures that would make eve a corpse come alive, but due to the wrong selection of their clothes they murder one of their most vital assets. 
Dress properly in figure enhancing clothes and see men swarm all around you.
Know that what you wear is what you attract. Moderation should be in your mind. 

You personally, what do you look for in a woman?

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March 18, 2011


Regardless of whether you’re single, attached or married, the following tips can be applied easily. This guide is actually written in a guy’s perspective, but it’s hard to say. However, ladies, some tips might just be suitable for application on your man.
1. Tell her you love her, and vice versa.

This is an important point. Note that women need lots of security (men too!). It’s actually fine to drop her a message via SMS telling her how much you love her. You both don’t have to be quarrelling in-order to be doing this. Doing this may sound stupid but it can be heart warming when your partner sees the message.

2. Be flexible.

You’ve got a chick that loves Japanese food while you prefer Thai food? Instead of telling her that you want Thai for dinner today, why not suggest something like: “We shall have your favourite cuisine today. Next week we’ll have Thai food. Is it alright?” After all, Japanese food can be very tasty.

3. Surprise her.

Women actually love surprises. Oh yes, surprises doesn’t cost much. An example would be make sure she’s hungry and got nothing for dinner. You can just make a call and order McDonald’s delivery to her place and pay for the meal with your credit card.
4. Apologize.

You know it’s your fault. Say sorry and most importantly make sure your partner accepts your apology. Move on after that. It is not at all hard to say sorry when you’re in the wrong. Many men just won’t apologize thinking that they’ll lose face doing so. Time to wake up.

5. Trust.

One of the most important things in a relationship. If you’re still courting a girl and you cannot trust her, don’t go on with her. If you’re in a relationship and you cannot trust her, just break up; don’t waste time. If you’re married and you find that you cannot trust her, do something about it; I don’t mean divorce, but call your spouse for serious talk on how to sort things out.

6. Communicate well.

Communication is very important in a relationship. The sender is as important as the recipient. Make sure what gets through has the same meaning as what you sent. Not always will the message be interpreted the right way. Remember.

And, when you don’t tell her what you want, you may not get it. Not always will she be able to read your sophisticated mind.
7. Appreciate and respect each other.

Appreciate what she’s done for you. Thank her when she’s awake at 7am to make you breakfast. Not many girls do so. As for respecting each other, your ideas are worth as much as her ideas. Respect her ideas. There are many other ways as to how you can show respect.

8. Patience.

We know you prefer some things the other way. It may take a few months for your message to get through. Be patient.

9. Listen.

Be a good listener. Do I still have to elaborate much on this?   

10. Remember the dates. (I don’t mean going out dating)

Anniversaries and birthdays are important. But it’s alright. Why not try miss it once? You’ll just feel the wrath. Don’t forget to note down her family’s birthdays too; they’re as important.

March 9, 2011


Birthday celebrations are now more special than ever! Say Happy Birthday in a brand new way. It's easy, it's fun and it's guaranteed to put a spark in anyone's birthday. Your birthday is probably one of the most awaited times of the year that you consider very special. Typically, you will celebrate it with your family and friends with a huge fun party. 

Unfortunately, some people may be away from their loved ones and stuck in spending their birthday on their own. These circumstances may include being away because of work or due to personal reasons. Whatever it may be, it does not mean that you will have a lonely birthday celebration. NO! 
There are numerous enjoyable ways you can do to make the most of your special day. It really depends on you on how you want to enjoy yourself. It is all about reflecting and appreciating what you have in your life right now. Here are some suggestions that will surely inspire you.

1. The very best way you can give yourself is the gift of time. Sometimes, you are so engrossed in everything happening in your life that you forget to provide the most important person quality time-yourself. If you want to spend the whole day celebrating, you can consider getting off work and plan the whole day. 
2. Be adventurous. Do not waste your time, do something active. There are a lot of ways you can do this. You can just book one whole day at a nice hotel within driving distance if you do not have the time and expense to go on a vacation. Treat yourself a sumptuous lunch and spend the afternoon walking on the beach or strolling in an unfamiliar street. 
3. Send yourself a card and buy yourself a present too. It is most likely this time that you will not receive any gifts or cards because you are far away from your loved ones. A few weeks or before your special day, find a card you love, sign it and write a simple note to yourself. This will surely make you smile when you receive it. 
4. If you feel that you are tired these past few months, you should consider spending your birthday on a spa. Get that much needed hot stone massage therapy to rejuvenate and refresh every cell in your body.

Spending your birthday on your own can also be pleasurable. Even if you are away from your family and friends, you can still celebrate and enjoy it. The best part is, you can do everything you want and you only have yourself to think about. So go ahead, come up with a special way to celebrate your birthday and you will definitely have fun doing it.

1. Eat your favorite food. It's your day - you deserve it. Even if your favorite foods don't "go together," they do today. Enjoy!
2. Do a favorite childhood activity. Maybe it was a board game, or playing tag, or doodling. Whatever it was, do it today!
3. Laugh out loud. Do something that makes you laugh with delight! Laughter feels good and is good for you.
4. Give a gift to someone else. We all know it feels better to give than receive, so why not give gifts to others on our birthday? Consider starting with your mother - after all she had a more memorable day when you were born than you did!
5. Give your day away! You don't have to give a physical gift, you can give your time - to someone you love, your spouse, to a charity or whatever you wish! Make your day a gift to someone else.
6. Give yourself the gift of time. Sometimes our days are so packed with events and tasks that we don't have time for ourselves.
7. Spend time with someone you love. This might overlap with a couple of other ideas on the list - but that's OK. What could make for a better day than spending time with those you care about the most?
8. Set some new goals. Today is a perfect day to look forward, to project into the future, to set goals for the next twelve months. If you don't have goals written down, today is a perfect day to create them!

Many celebrate the usual way (cake with co-workers at lunch, a mani/pedi with your best friend, then a dinner with your sweetie), if it’s your birthday aren’t you ready to try something new, something that will make your birthday memorable and special?
It’s my Birthday and there's no better way to say Happy Birthday to myself than spending the best of the day with my dear family.TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!

Mail me specially: How did you spend your best birthday ever?

March 4, 2011


Be the best, and someday others will be emulating you. For now, if you’re not already at the top of your field, there are some essential steps you can take today to get there. Whether you’re just starting out or even if you’ve been doing what you do for over a decade, there’s always ways to improve.

Learn from the best. Who are the best in your field right now? If you don’t already know, find out now. These are the people you need to know, in detail. How did they get so good? What makes them good? Know their work from their early days until now, and how it has changed, and improved over time. Know the elements of their work that make them the best, and analyze them. And emulate them. Steal their styles until you’ve mastered them, and then use them as a leaping board to create your own.

Read up. There are probably dozens if not hundreds of technical manuals and websites and magazines on honing your skills. Read as much as you can. You should always have a book or a website bookmarked, and read every day. If this seems like too much work, you probably don’t really want to be the best.

Practice.  Practice as much as you can. Get a lot of jobs and do as much work as possible until you can do it with your eyes closed. If you can’t get a lot of work, practice on your own. Work during your spare time, doing samples and copying the best and trying out things you’ve read about and trying out new things. Over and over. 
Get feedback. You’ll never get better if you don’t have someone to criticize you. Actively seek criticism from those who are more experienced. If you get a lot of work, ask those who pay you for your work to analyze it and give you some honest feedback. Ask them to be as honest as possible. And then take the criticism without getting your feelings hurt. Find mentors, and ask for criticism.
Analyze. In addition to the criticism you get from others, learn to criticize it yourself. Closely analyze your work, and try to see what you’re doing right and wrong. See if there are things you can smooth out, things that are just so-so, things that you repeat too often.

Practice some more.  If you feel you’ve already practiced enough, you haven’t. Not unless you’re already at the top of your field. The feedback loop, with criticism from others and analysis from yourself, is the way for you to modify your practice so that you are changing what you do and improving yourself. Practice some more. Do it a lot. You’ll get better.
Edit. Whatever you do, whether it’s writing or drawing or taking pictures or making businesses better, etc., you can always edit what you do. For writers, this means going over your work and fixing awkward sentences or shortening stuff that’s unnecessary. It means getting your work down to just what is necessary, and making every sentence and every word count. For photography or drawing or design, you could apply the same concepts — remove elements and see if a simplified design works better. Minimalize. Make every element count. For others that are more process-driven, edit your process, making every step, every little thing you do, count. 

Focus. Editing works best in combination with focus — finding what’s truly essential, and focusing on that. You can edit without discrimination, but you may be editing the important stuff out. Find out what is key to this particular work, and focus on it. Focus is also an important concept in any improvement — if you want to get better, you need to know what elements of your trade are most important, and focus on those.
Experiment. Don’t be afraid to be different! Be bold, be daring, break out of the mold. It’s good to emulate the best, but once you have that down, you should break away from them and try something new. Even if it isn’t completely new, you might find new combinations, or at least find stuff that’s not as common. Try things out, and see if they work. They will often not work. That’s OK. Keep experimenting. In fact, make this a critical part of your work, even when you do hit the top.
Reflect. All of this is useless without reflection. You should spend some of your time each day, each week, each month and each year reflecting on what you’ve done, what worked and what didn’t, what you’ve learned, what you need to improve on, what you should focus on, and how far you’ve come. And reflect on the process, and how it can be improved. And reflect on how fun it is to improve, and enjoy the process.